Nov 8, 2012

Personalized Holiday Party Favors and Packaging

I love the holidays! When I get my first holiday cup at Starbucks it gives me that "it's time to shop" feeling. We have been working hard adding our holiday packaging to our Etsy shop The Favor Box.

Here are just a few of my favorites...

Our holiday paper favor bags are perfect for special little gifts, holiday candy buffets, holiday party favors or baked goodies.  They are available in nine different holiday label designs and can be customized to match your party style.  They are $.95 each and can be ordered in any quantity with a minimum of 24.  

Wrap up your holiday baked goods in style with our personalized holiday gift boxes.  They come complete with our large gable box in either white natural or black, personalized holiday label available in nine different designs and coordinating ribbon in color of your choice.  Cellophane bags sold separately. 

Our personalized cellophane bags are one of our most popular items.  They are the perfect size for baked goodies, candy or holiday party favors.  Stop by our shop at and take a peek at all of our holiday favorites.


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