Feb 9, 2010

Cupcake sale for Haiti raises more than $1,200 - A fun way to give!

I saw a woman and her three little boys in front of a store doing magic tricks for donations to give to the American Red Cross for Haiti.  I mean these boys were little, not even school age.  It was so inspiring to think that someone would pack up three little ones and give their time to raise money.  Time is not something most of us have an over abundance of, but I knew that my girls and I could do something.  Since I am a much better baker than a magician I knew cupcakes were the answer.  We baked over 600 of them and the kids sold every single one of them.  My three daughters and six of their friends sold cupcakes for seven hours in the rain.  A little chilly yes, but so worth it!  We were able to donated $1279.73 to the American Red Cross to aid in the relief efforts in Haiti.  We really had so much fun and it was so rewarding for all of us.

View the article in the OC Register Cupcake sale for Haiti raises more than $1,200

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