Dec 8, 2009

Holiday Goodie Bags

I came across these cute little "Merry Christmas"gift bags on Etsy this morning and just had to share. Loving these as gift card holders, favor bags, or to hold any little Holiday surprise. Visit the Creative Chics to pick these up, they are on-hand for immediate shipment.

Bagnesia Giveaway Winner -

and the winner is... Courtney, who said "Plastic bags are a BAD idea all around. I recently lived in Scotland for a bit where the grocery stores stopped offering plastic bags and I LOVED it, they also offered reward points for returning unused ones. When I returned to the States I was shocked that this practice was not as wide spread as I had hoped. Switching to re-useable bags saves energy and is so much healthier for the environment and it is one easy way we can each feel like we're making difference. I vote "YES'' for re-useable bags!!!" Thanks Courtney and Congratulations!


Dec 7, 2009

Stylish Giving has a lovely new look!

Thank you to Edub Graphic Art and Design for creating our lovely new look. Erin Williams, work-at-home mommy, is the creative designer behind Edub. She is so great to work with! This is not our first project, Erin also designed my Vintage Bakeshop logo and all of our new baking mix label designs that I absolutely love. Take a peek at Edub's Etsy shop and blog to view her portfolio and a full list of all her design services and prices. Thanks Erin!