Nov 23, 2009

About Stylish Giving

 Hi, my name is Tawnya. I AM - the number one daughter of five girls (yes, the oldest), the lucky sister of four amazing women, the mother of three beautiful daughters and married to my best friend. I LOVE baking and HATE cooking. I enjoy seeking out creativity and sharing it with others, ice cream, being challenged, a cold beer on a hot day, family get-togethers, making progress, living in Orange County (my entire life), catching up with old friends, the mall, learning new things, chocolate, new shoes, talking on the phone, having my own business, frosting, and my husband making dinner.

Stylish Giving is an on-line guide to stylish favor and gift ideas for life's next big events, sprinkled with a little inspiration for everyday happenings. Thanks for stopping by... please visit often and enjoy!

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