Jun 4, 2009

The most stylish way to give! {Charitable Contributions}

This past weekend I got together with a group of friends to support a great cause! We participated in Miles for Melanoma in Fullerton, CA to support The Melanoma Research Foundation. It was really a lot of fun and it was great to see so many people joining forces to fight this deadly disease.

"Team Smitty"

There is no shortage of ways to give to your favorite cause. Almost all organizations hold fundraising events several times a year, just google your favorite cause to find the next event in your area. Never underestimate the value of a small {or large} on-line donation. Even the smallest donations add up to lots and lots of dollars! Most people wait until someone they know or love is affected by a deadly disease before they get involved, but if we all participate in a small way NOW, maybe we can help reduce the number of loved ones affected in the future.

Chris Raus sporting his "Team Smitty" shirt
Don't know what to get that for that person on your list that has everything, you guessed it, make a charitable contribution in their name. Maybe there is a cause that has a soft spot in their heart, but a contribution to any good cause will definitely make them feel special.
Me, Michele Neske and Michelle Smith
One of the latest trends in wedding favors is a small donation made in each of your guests names. Think of the money spent on wedding favors each year, what a huge dent that could make in a research project. Ok, so get out there and find your cause, or I've made it easy for you, make a donation to The Melanoma Research Foundation now! Remember, every little bit helps.

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