Jun 15, 2009

Clutch Bags by Ikestaedt {Etsy Favorites}

I know I should be focusing on father's day gift ideas. Sorry, dad, these couldn't wait until after father's day, they couldn't even wait until tomorrow. I am in love! I saw these clutches by Ikestaedt, and whether you need one for brunch with your friends, for shopping in the city, dinner, opera or even as a bridesmaids bag, these CLUTCH BAGS make the perfect companion. These stylish bags are the work of German fashion designer turned US mom following her dream. They are designed with well chosen contemporary and unique fabrics creating a nice thick bag with a soft touch. Each bag is made by hand and ready to be shipped to you. This Nouveau Bouquet Clutch really caught my eye. Love it for summer.
Check out her darling clutch sets. This one is called Funky Flowers.
I have been a little bird obsessed lately, but this is sooooo cute. I love it for myself or my girls {11,13,16} I must have! I like the slightly larger size and the handles. Visit Ikestaedt to view her entire line of lovely clutch bags. Thank you for inspiring us.

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  1. It's simply superb, cute and small stylish hand bag .All the above hand bag colors are awesome and the favorite colors of kids.