May 15, 2009

Esty Favorites {Tadpoles and Tutus}

I have my sisters baby shower this weekend and I have been on a quest to find cute boy things. Now there are lots of cutsie boy things out there, you know the type, teddy bears and puppy dogs. I know they are for babies, but I just want something that totally says BOY! Well I finally found it. I just love the creative designs by Heidi sold at her custom boys and girls clothing boutique Tadpoles and Tutus. This busy mother of three creates these tiny wardrobe works of art in here spare time . I just love this one the Retro Boy Traffic Jam. It is important for newborns to be cool.
I had to throw in one her for the girls. I am the mother of three girls, none of which these little black damask maryjanes would fit, but they really are so much fun.
How cute is this one... little sailor boy . A very welcome change from teddy bears. To view Heidi's entire line visit her Etsy store at Tadpoles and Tutus.
Thank you Heidi for inspiring us.

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